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Documentation with MkDocs

If mkdocs is set to "y", documentation of your project is automatically added using MkDocs. Next to that, if "include_github_actions" is set to "y", the documentation is automatically deployed to your gh-pages branch, and made available at https://<github_handle><project_name>/.

To view the documentation locally, simply run

make docs

This command will generate and build your documentation, and start the server locally so you can access it at http://localhost:8000.

Enabling the documentation on GitHub

To enable your documentation on GitHub, first create a new release.

Then, in your repository, navigate to Settings > Code and Automation > Pages. If you succesfully created a new release, you should see a notification saying Your site is ready to be published at https://<author_github_handle><project_name>/.

To finalize deploying your documentation, under Source, select the branch gh-pages. Your documentation should then be live within a few minutes.

Documenting docstrings

The generated project also converts all your docstrings into legible documentation. By default, the project is configured to work with google style docstrings.

An example of a Google style docstring:

def function_with_pep484_type_annotations(param1: int, param2: str) -> bool:
"""Example function with PEP 484 type annotations.

    param1: The first parameter.
    param2: The second parameter.

    The return value. True for success, False otherwise.

For more examples, see here.