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Cookiecutter Poetry

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This is a cookiecutter repository to generate the file structure for a Python project that uses Poetry for its dependency management.

A project generated with cookiecutter-poetry supports the following features:

An example of a repository generated with this package can be found here.


On your local machine, navigate to the directory in which you want to create a project directory, and run the following two commands:

pip install cookiecutter-poetry 

Alternatively, install cookiecutter and directly pass the URL to this Github repository to the cookiecutter command:

pip install cookiecutter

Then run the following commands, replacing <project-name>, with the name that you also gave the Github repository and <github_author_handle> with your Github username.

cd <project_name>
git init -b main
git add .
git commit -m "Init commit"
git remote add origin<github_author_handle>/<project_name>.git
git push -u origin main

Finally, install the environment with make install.

You are now ready to start development on your project! The CI/CD pipeline will be triggered when you open a pull request, merge to main, or when you create a new release.

To finalize the set-up for publishing to PyPi or Artifactory, see here. For activating the automatic documentation with MkDocs, see here.


This project is partially based on Audrey Feldroy's great cookiecutter-pypackage.